Conference: EIALAW 2018


How to combine streamlining with environmental effectiveness? – Sharing First Experiences with the New EIA Directive

    Friday 23 March 2018, Helsinki

Background and objectives of the conference

The Directive on environmental impact assessment (EIA Directive, 2011/92/EU), one of the key pieces of environmental law in the European Union, was recently subjected to its most extensive changes since 1985. Ultimate aims of the reform are to streamline the assessment process and improve the level of environmental protection. The amendment of the Directive (2014/52/EU) clarified the EIA process and is acting as a catalyser for structural changes in many EU member states. However, a range of issues remain open and there is a need to identify smart means for the implementation.

The conference will bring together those working on EIA, enabling them to share their experiences with implementing the revised Directive. A key goal is to support the practical application of the new requirements by discussing different approaches used in member states.