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Finnish Association for Impact Assessment (FAIA)

FAIA was founded in 1994, the same year as the Environmental Impact Assessment Act came into force in Finland. Currently the Association has about 200 individual members an 10 corporate members.

The members represent various disciplines and backgrounds both in the public and the private sector as well as in the academic world. The members are public authorities, planners, consultants, corporate managers, researchers and university teachers and students.

The Association serves as a discussion forum for all those interested in impact assessment. Its goal is to promote the practice of impact assessment and to develope the approaches and assessment procedures as well to promote researsh in the field. The scope of interest includes all fields of impact assessment ranging from environmental impact assessment and social impact assessment to health impact assessment, tehnology impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment, such to mention a few.

The Association’s activities include meetings and lectures, field trips and the annual Impact Assessment Conference, ”YVA-päivä”.

The Association also aims to promote contacts and networking at the international level.

Impakti, our magazine, comes out twice a year and contains the latest news within impact assessment, interviews ja book reviews.

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